you CAN compete with big brands & WIN the Customer!

“marketing gets them in the door… Customer Experience keeps them coming back for more!”

Top 5 Micro Business Questions…

How do I get more customers in the door?

What can I do to increase profit margins?

What can I do about bad online reviews?

How do I pick the right marketing strategy?

How do I compete in a crowded marketplace?

Converting prospects into buyers and buyers into loyal customers who purchase from you again and again isn’t nearly as difficult as you think.

It really boils down to how you treat them! Simple right?

Well, let me ask you a question. And you may as well be honest with yourself because your bank account knows the truth.

On a 5-star scale, how well does your company “consistently” engage customers before, during, immediately after, and long after the sale?

(Warning: This is not the same as your online customer review rating)

The truth is… 80% of companies believe they deliver superior service but only 8% of their customers agreed.

We understand… and we really don’t want you spending all of your time on methods that will never work, or worse, making hundreds of mistakes that stall your business growth and burn a path through your bank account.

One Size Does Not Fit All – in clothing or in business; however, here are some of our favorite universal tips. They are a great place to begin!

Top 12 marketing strategies for more customers, contracts & cash in 2019


Talk Benefits - Not Features


Email Marketing


Give Back to Your Community


Tell Your Story


Proximity Marketing


Do Not Compete On Price


Social Media Influence


A Branded Mobile App


Build The Relationship


Host or Sponsor An Event


Commit to Excellent Service

a Lifestyle of Freedom!

  • How do you know which tasks take priority – when they are all important?
  • Which strategies are the right fit for your business?
  • How often should you market to prospects and customers?

The long list of marketing, customer service, networking, operations, financial, and management responsibilities can be confusing, overwhelming… and often, downright annoying.

That’s why at PremierSBC, we begin with our proven formula – then customize a profitable business solution to build the lifestyle of freedom you started your business to enjoy!

I hope you caught that.

We believe… “True profitability is a Lifestyle of Freedom!”

If You Are Ready To Keep Customers, Increase Profit Margins AND Enjoy Your Life… Let’s Build Together!

Dr. Linette Montae

Dr. Linette Montae


Linette Montae leads the small business Service Industry as a highly sought-after Profit & Performance Expert. Her clients call her “The Profit Finder” because she finds profit trapped inside your company and she sets it free!

Linette Montae’s education in psychology, executive leadership, and business performance improvement; along with her natural gift for systems thinking and decades of experience improving company infrastructures. . . quickly positioned her as the go-to Operations Consultant with a flair for High-Tech High-Touch Marketing.

What you do is Service – “How” you do it is PROFITABLE.™ ~Linette Montae

When not traveling the globe conducting her signature Profit Finding Audit™, Linette Montae can be found at PremierSBC headquarters consulting local small business owners, facilitating small business events across the country, and modeling #LiveYourPurposeOutloud in her community.

In addition to being a nationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning results strategist, and Forbes Business Coach… Linette Montae has authored two books and been featured on various media platforms.

DJ Nixon

DJ Nixon


DJ Nixon started his first business at the age of 10. Known as “Snack Man”, Mr. Nixon’s vending business served area salons, child care centers and office buildings. By age 21, Nixon’s unique insight, savvy skill for calculating profit, and natural gift of influence… positioned him as a reputable small business consultant for entrepreneurs under 30.

“Small businesses represent unique passions and perspectives where interactions with one another expose our similarities and foster positive relationships that translate into cultural inclusion and a legacy of success.” ~DJ Nixon

As an Investor, Strategist and Multi-preneur, DJ Nixon has assisted small business owners in a variety of industries to include communications; real estate; hospitality; entertainment; transportation; automotive; food service; retail, wholesale, and distribution; legal, and medical.

And as an avid Food and Travel Enthusiast, DJ Nixon aka Smackedbyafoodie can be found traveling the globe sampling various cuisines, published in magazines, and online sharing his customer experience reviews.