5 Mistakes To Avoid With Pay-Per-Click Ads

When you own a small brick and mortar business, the goal of your PPC campaign is to drive in local traffic. Keep in mind that you should be using specific keywords that include the names of your city and surrounding cities. Tie in these five tips and you should be able to save your PPC campaign and your budget.

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

Here’s the deal. Your business can have a huge presence on Facebook with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of fans, but still struggle to get new clients. Why is this? Well, for the most part it is because you’re not doing a good enough job of turning those...

Don’t Believe The Hype-10 Local SEO Myths

As a small business owner, you have heard all the hype.  You know you need to have a presence online in order to survive in today’s technology driven business world.  Yet, online marketing is a mystery to many small business owners.  And, even more intimidating is...

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